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Setting Up A Tradeshow Booth, How To Make Your Booth More Engaging

Companies going over in any tradeshow have objective of getting their booth checked out by more and more people. The company wants people to learn up to a great extent about their company.

Why to participate in Tradeshow:


Purpose of participating in a tradeshow is to denote presence in Industry and getting engaged with corporate audience it is the first priority. The second step would be to inform them about your company but once they are focused and engaged is it equally important? Why? As it is vital the visitor should be interested before you are to deliver any sorts of your company information. In an ideal condition it should be their choice that what they want to inquire you about. Usually most of the exhibitors commit mistake diverting their focus more towards information delivery rather than paying attention to visitor’s engagement.

Companies going over in any tradeshow have objective of getting their booth checked out by more and more people. The company wants people to learn up to a great extent about their company.

Know your Brand:

Before the show you think over that what your company booth would look like. What would we like people to know about our company? How can our booth engage and attract people to get into communication with our booth representatives.

Realizing the importance information delivery and booth engagement both the factors is vital. To avail meaningful engagement it is to be made sure that booth graphics and presentation are designed in a way to engage. It is better to Pre plan the activities to achieve engagement in a more natural way rather than going for non organic mediums like wasting brochures all over the floor.

How to attract visitors on booth?

The people at exhibition get attracted to your booth the glistening display attracting them. Booth staff is to be up to mark sage enough to deliver prompt replies to customer queries as time is running. Staff having less knowledge of company profile or products may create unfavorable scenarios and attendee dissatisfaction so visitor may switch within clicks to some other booth. Relations are to be made and maintained after the tradeshow as well. Staff should be well trained with hard copies of product or service brochures and some branded giveaways as well.   


The first glance at the booth will ignite the visitor to plan his one after the other meetings during the tradeshow engagement also will depend on the background of attendee whether he is to plan to directly acquire some products or he just has plans to startup some business and has visited to gather initial information. Numerous booths everywhere transactions taking place product demonstrations being given to win confidence. Product demonstration often plays role of engagement for instance heavy machinery or some latest Equipment a unique out of the box solution pulls the crowd.


Passing by the path way looking at your booth while being on the way to the bathroom you pay a glance at your booth. You wonder that how would other perceive about your booth

As you are on your way to restroom something has attracted you a booth better than yours in terms of display and graphics. You think that why not make your booth more unique to raise the rate of engagement.

How to decorate the booth to get visitor attention.

To grab the attention of passersby it’s a fine choice to have a short catchy message or question which can make more eyeballs grab attention. A well carved design of booth plays a fine role to grab attention.

Written and verbal both mediums are actively used at tradeshow however a tagline can be used to compliment some part of information which can be explained by your booth staff.

Planning out your booth design are you ready? A whole new plan is to be figured out. Your booth presentation and strategy both are to be planned out. 

Ways in which we can differ from hundreds of booths what is the element of uniqueness?

Staff supposed to give information with a welcoming tone for all visitors noting down all contact details, orders placed, securing cards, all goes simultaneously just a game of sparkling grabbing glance leading to engagement.